The 3 Keys To Avoiding Premises Liability Claims

Premise Liability Claim Lawyers

Premises liability claims are too costly to regard them as unavoidable expenses. Many corporations have learned the hard way that a six- or seven-figure settlement could have been avoided if their organization had implemented a preventive program and stuck to it.

While serving as a premises liability defense lawyer for more than 20 years, Katherine R. Moore has seen many instances in which a strong safety program has provided a viable defense to a personal injury claim. There are three main elements that must be present in a proactive program to fully protect your business.

Key #1: Inspect

Because property owners have a duty to warn visitors or customers of known hazards, your company must be aware of potential problems as soon as possible. If you have employees inspecting your property regularly, it becomes easier to document the state of your property and any potential problems.

Key #2: Correct

If an inspection turns up an unsafe condition, your company should have a well-documented and easy-to-implement system for dealing with it. In your operations materials, specify who is to repair the damage, how it will be paid for and how to contact the designated repair person.

Key #3: Warn

If immediate repair is not possible, you must have a procedure to warn visitors/customers. Examples include posting signs explaining the danger and discouraging entering the area, and/or taping off the area to prevent access.

Training And Discipline: Two Other Important Tools

If you develop all three elements of the “Inspect, Correct, Warn” system on paper, but never show employees how to implement it, your system will not aid your premises liability defense. It is important to provide training on this system, as well as to provide progressive discipline if employees fail to carry out the components of the system properly.

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