Real Property Disputes

San Mateo County Property Dispute Attorneys

In normal circumstances, real estate transactions are win-win situations where the seller gets financial gains, and the buyer closes the deal, thus securing the property. Unfortunately, not all these transactions end as expected. Either the seller or the buyer does wrong to the other, resulting in disputes. Sometimes the injured party suffers huge financial losses due to the wrongs done by the other party. When you find yourself involved in a dispute following a real estate transaction, it would be best to hire an attorney to advocate for you through real estate litigation.

At the Law Offices of Katherine Moore, we have experienced attorneys dedicated to providing client-focused advocacy in real estate litigation, whether you are the plaintiff or defendant. With a combined 30-year experience in the legal proceedings surrounding real estate disputes, our attorneys can anticipate any moves the opposition will take. Consequently, we will proactively prepare a counter action to ensure you win your case. 

Whether you’re a commercial real estate agent going on a legal fight against a broker, buyer against the seller, or landlord against tenants, we will examine your case, listen to your description of the case, and provide you with the options that may tilt the case to your side. Our attorneys will vehemently advocate for you and ensure your interests are protected by preparing the strongest case to ensure you get a fair verdict. 

A Long Record of Successfully Resolving Real Estate Disputes

Since the founding of our law firm in 2010, we’ve helped property owners (both commercial and residential), realtors, and brokers in a wide range of real estate disagreements that have ended up in court. We are ready to advocate for you in any case, including:

Breach of contract 

Both the seller and the buyer in a commercial or residential real estate transaction must meet the terms and conditions of the signed contract, including the timeline for closing the deal and fulfilling contingencies. Breach of contract may stem from either party’s failure to meet their responsibilities as spelt out in the contract.

Suppose you’re the victim in a breach of contract case. In that case, you can leverage our attorneys’ experience to get your rightful financial compensation for any losses you’ve incurred or obtain a court order to force the at-fault party to fulfil their contractual obligations. 

Concealment of Real Property Defects

In California, the seller of real property must disclose both the known and non-evident defects that may affect the value of the property under sale. If the buyer discovers some undisclosed issues with the property after closing, they can take legal action against the seller. However, the plaintiff must prove that the defect was known and was purposely kept under wraps. 

By hiring an attorney at the Law Offices of Katherine Moore, we can assess the case facts thoroughly and help you prove that the defendant knew of the defects but hid them to hedge their financial interests in the transaction. We will litigate on your behalf to ensure that your intentions in the case are fulfilled and your interests protected. 

Lease disputes

According to California leases and rental agreement laws, the lessor and lessee must adhere to lease agreement terms. However, sometimes either party can violate these terms at the other party’s expense. For instance, a party might:  

  • Fail to meet their financial obligation
  • Fail to keep the property safe
  • Illicit or unauthorized use of property
  • Engage in criminal activity in the rental property

At Katherine Moore Law Offices, we can defend you in a court trial related to illegal eviction notices or the pursuit of personal injury damages due to failure of the lessor to maintain property safety, among others. 

Neighbor Lawsuits

Neighbor lawsuits commonly involve boundary encroachment disagreements, trees that block a neighbor’s view, fences, easement, and, most critically, emotional issues. It’s crucial to partner with a neighbor litigation attorney to settle the case in your favor.

Our real estate litigation attorneys are here when you need legal help in neighbor-neighbor lawsuits. They have the knowledge and experience to advise you on what you’re entitled to and the most effective legal actions to protect them. 

Quiet Title Lawsuits

You can file a quiet title lawsuit to challenge real property ownership. The caveat is that some of these cases arise after decades of property ownership, and that’s why involving a real estate litigation lawyer is essential. Most judges presiding over these cases may not be aware of procedural issues and usually follow default judgment instead of the current lawsuit against the title ownership. 

It is critical for the court to hear live testimony instead of relying on an outdated declaration under oath when proving a quite title judgment. Our attorneys at the Law Offices of Katherine Moore have litigated quiet title lawsuits in California courts. They are knowledgeable in the procedural requirements to prove the rightful owner of real property. 

Negligence or Breach of Duty

Negligence and breach of duty are common reasons real property buyers and sellers sue realtors and agents. They are professionals who work on behalf of their clients and have a fiduciary duty to protect their interests in any transaction. They shouldn’t act in the interest of a third party or salesperson. Additionally, they mustn’t disclose confidential client information, such as financial details. At the same time, they must be open to their clients about any information that might benefit them.

Breach of duty in any of these matters can result in huge losses for the agent’s client, leaving the seller or buyer with no other option but to file a lawsuit. At the Law Offices of Katherine Moore, we will investigate any breach of duty to determine whether a fraudulent activity occurred to help you get a fair result in the real estate litigation.

Partner with a California Real Estate Litigation Lawyer and Win Any Legal Dispute

Whether you’re the plaintiff or defendant in a real estate lawsuit, you can count on the professional real estate litigation attorneys at the Law Offices of Katherine Moore. Our experience and commitment to providing client-focused litigation services mean you have legal experts to help you win a real estate lawsuit. Call us today at (650) 399-0752 or fill out this contact form to get professional legal help.