About Our Firm

Participating in a personal injury lawsuit can be overwhelming and intense, regardless of whether you brought the suit or you are defending yourself or your company. Our firm, The Law Office of Katherine R. Moore, relies on our attorneys’ 30 years of collective experience in this area of the law to provide superlative service to our clients.
Katherine R. Moore, the lawyer who founded our firm in 2010, worked for a dozen years for the firm of Grunsky, Ebey, Farrar & Howell, eventually becoming a partner there. She has provided successful results for clients both through verdicts in jury trials and via negotiated settlements.

Experienced Bay Area Business Litigation Attorneys

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Understanding Personal Injury From Every Angle

Our firm’s attorneys regularly handle personal injury cases for both plaintiffs and defendants. Their experience allows them to confidently anticipate the moves that opposing counsel may make during your case. The firm’s track record of success in resolving cases is reflected in the many referrals that we receive from former clients and our legal peers in the region. We are also frequently selected to serve on the insurance defense panels for many companies in California.

Our Approach To Serving Our Clients

We believe in providing our clients with honest and straightforward communication. Whether it is a settlement or a judgment from a trial, we will investigate your situation and present you with what we believe to be your best options, given your circumstances.

As a small firm, we strive to leverage our size and provide nimble, responsive service. We offer a free initial consultation and reasonable fees for all clients. If you are a personal injury plaintiff, we operate on a contingency fee basis and can provide out-of-office visits on an as-needed basis.

Why Choose Our Team?

  • Trial-Ready: While we explore alternative dispute resolution methods, our trial attorneys are fully prepared to take cases to trial when necessary, leveraging our trial experience and litigation prowess.
  • Industry Knowledge: Our attorneys possess an intimate understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities that arise in Silicon Valley’s business and technology-driven ecosystem.
  • Strategic Approach: We develop tailored strategies for each case, aligning legal objectives with business goals to achieve the most advantageous outcomes.
  • Expertise and Experience: Our attorneys possess a deep understanding of the legal intricacies and nuances within the realm of litigation. With years of experience, we have successfully resolved a wide range of complex cases.
  • Client-Centered Focus: Your success is our priority. We collaborate closely with clients to understand their unique needs, concerns, and priorities, ensuring that our legal strategies align with their business objectives.

Learn More About Your Legal Options

Our firm works with clients in Redwood City and throughout the Bay Area, as well as elsewhere in California. Call us at 650-995-7312, or contact us via our online intake form to set up an introductory appointment.