Practice Areas

At the Law Office of Katherine R. Moore, our trial litigators possess an in-depth understanding of both the legal intricacies and the dynamic business environment that defines this region. With a track record of successful outcomes in complex business disputes, we have established a reputation for delivering strategic solutions tailored to our clients’ specific goals. Our firm is strategically located in the heart of Silicon Valley, allowing us to seamlessly serve the unique legal needs of tech startups, established corporations, entrepreneurs, and individuals in the ever-evolving landscape of business disputes.

Areas of Focus:

Our litigation practice covers a wide range of areas, including but not limited to:

Business Litigation

Our Business Litigation practice offers unparalleled legal support to enterprises of all sizes, from startups to industry giants. With a profound grasp of the intricate crossroads between business and technology, our litigators bring a distinctive fusion of legal expertise and industry acumen to every case. Our expertise spans various domains, including skillfully resolving contractual disputes crucial to the Silicon Valley ecosystem, addressing fraud allegations with diligence, mitigating conflicts stemming from business interference, countering defamation and trade libel threats to uphold reputational integrity, and providing adept advocacy in intellectual property disputes.

Fiduciary Obligations and Corporate Governance Issues

Our Fiduciary Obligations and Corporate Governance practice provides strategic legal guidance and adept representation in navigating the intricate landscape of corporate responsibilities. With an acute comprehension of fiduciary duties and corporate governance intricacies, our attorneys are dedicated to ensuring your company operates in accordance with the highest ethical and accountable standards. Our expertise encompasses resolving corporate governance disputes pivotal to a company’s success, offering steadfast defense strategies for directors and officers facing legal challenges, addressing shareholder derivative actions to align interests, conducting rigorous internal investigations to uphold transparency, and extending our guidance to fulfilling fiduciary responsibilities in diverse contexts, including broker-client relationships and trustee roles.

Commercial Litigation and Corporate Defense

Our Commercial Litigation and Corporate Defense practice is dedicated to offering strategic legal guidance and resolute representation to corporations spanning diverse industries. Fueled by an in-depth grasp of both legal complexities and business realities, our litigators are poised to safeguard your company’s interests and uphold its reputation. Our proficiency encompasses handling cases involving negligence and strict liability litigation, addressing the critical importance of maintaining a competitive edge through specialized attention to unfair competition cases, providing comprehensive legal assistance in the realm of privacy rights concerning data protection and breaches, offering adept handling of employment disputes amidst the high-demand tech talent environment, and leveraging extensive experience to navigate class actions and mass torts, ensuring favorable resolutions in cases involving complex multi-party dynamics.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and Litigation Avoidance

Our Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and Litigation Avoidance practice is devoted to assisting businesses in navigating disputes efficiently, conserving valuable resources, and sustaining productive relationships. Committed to innovative solutions, our practitioners are poised to steer you towards resolution beyond the courtroom. Our expertise encompasses a spectrum of methods, from the adept resolution of disputes through arbitration, guided by our skilled trial attorneys, to fostering open dialogue and collaboration through mediation, allowing parties to find mutually acceptable solutions. We recognize the value of early intervention, employing early neutral evaluation to help assess case strengths and weaknesses, and offer tailored settlement options. Our practitioners excel in exploring novel avenues of dispute resolution, adapting strategies to individual needs, emphasizing that unique problems warrant unique solutions.